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What does it do?

It gives you the ability to retrieve at a moment's notice all of the information and records needed by you and your family, such as:

  • Family Records - birth, marriage, and death certificates, education information, current memberships, military service records, passports, employment history, etc.

  • Emergency Preparedness - all of your family's information is needed quickly in an emergency. The Red Cross recommends an evacuation box that contains a CD with all of your important records documented and scanned in as images, as well as scanned photographs and scanned fingerprints of each family member. All of this is made very easy by Hearthside Family Records®.

  • Identity Theft Records - credit card, debit and bank card information. Identity theft is the number one crime in America today. Each day over 27,000 people have their identities compromised. That is equal to one new victim every 3.16 seconds. Hearthside Family Records® helps protect credit card, debit and bank card information. This includes phone numbers, addresses and contact information for the card issuing agency for notification of loss of card or suspicion of identity theft. There is also a comment area where efforts to combat identity theft can be recorded.

  • PINs and Passwords - password protected place to keep track of all the PIN numbers, usernames, and passwords for your accounts and interests.

  • In Case of the Loss of a Loved One - insurance information and where the policies are kept, funeral arrangements, information on financial assets and liabilities, what to do, legal matters, who gets what, etc.

  • Financial Records - banking, investments, insurance, real estate, retirement accounts, loans, vehicles, credit cards, antiques, collectibles, social security, taxes, household inventories, business inventories, etc.

  • Attachments - attach scanned pictures and documents, computer files and spreadsheets to all your records, if desired.

  • Medical Records - shot records, childhood diseases, personal medical log, doctors, etc.

  • Inventories - keep track of all of your valuables and collectibles along with photographs and documentation for insurance purposes, or just because you want to.

  • Address Book - contact info, and pictures if you like, for all your friends and associates.

  • Print and Save - print your information out or save it to a file so you can email it to friends and family.

  • Secure and Safe - password protection for all your family information. Backup copies can be made and kept in your safety deposit box or stored with your older children to protect against natural disasters.

Information can be entered a few minutes at a time. Start next time right where you left off.

Use as much or as little as you need. It will expand or contract to meet your needs.

Information is easily changed and updated. The system adapts to however you want to store your records. Do it all as simply or as thoroughly as you wish.

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