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What is it?

Software that simplifies your life.
  • Helps you keep track of (and have immediate access to) all the legal papers, records, and information a family must use from day to day and during emergencies.

  • Gives you the means to have all of your records, photographs, financial and medical documents, home inventory, and everything else recommended by the Red Cross, organized and stored on a single CD in case you need to evacuate to an emergency shelter, or your home and possessions are destroyed during a flood, fire, hurricane, earthquake, or other disaster.

  • Puts you back in control. Find what you need when you need it.

  • Very easy to use.

    • Fun for the beginner.
    • Perfect for the financier.
    • Satisfying for everyone.

  • Thorough, detailed, and complete at each level.

  • Completely safe and secure with three levels of password protection and complete physical security.
We consulted with officials in the banking, insurance, investment, and emergency preparedness industries to develop this software. We also met with estate planners, attorneys, and folks in the medical profession in order to ensure that this product is useful and complete. It has also been reviewed by fathers, mothers, and grandparents.

NOTE:    Comes in three editions: Basic, Standard, and Investor.
  • Basic Edition can be easily upgraded to the Standard or Investor Edition at any time, without losing your previously entered data.

  • Standard Edition can be easily upgraded to the Investor Edition at any time, without losing your previously entered data.

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