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Why do I need it?

Think of these situations:

  • Natural Disaster - You must evacuate your home, or it's burning, and there isn't time to find all your important papers and records. How much simpler to just grab a CD, or better yet, to have stored copies of your CD at your bank or in other areas of the country.

  • Identity Theft - The bills have started arriving for all the things you didn't buy. Someone has stolen your identity! The first step in fighting this attack is to notify all of your credit card companies of the identity theft. All the information you need is available in Hearthside Family Records. If you have identity theft protection, the comments field for your credit card should contain the contact information for your identity theft company.

  • Lost a Credit Card - You have just discovered that you have lost a credit card. What do you do? Who do you call? What was that number? It is easy to go to Hearthside Family Records® and get all the information you need to notify the credit card company and reduce or eliminate your liability for fraudulent charges.

  • Selling your car - How long will it take you to find the title and in how many places will you have to look?

  • Military assignments - Your spouse will be away from home for an extended period of time. Where do you find all the papers you need to keep things going?

  • PIN numbers and passwords - You know you have those PIN numbers and passwords written down somewhere. But where?

  • Loss of a loved one - Do you know what insurance policies you have? What is your financial status? What would he/she want you to do? Is there a will? Where is it?

  • Trip out of the country - Where is your passport and birth certificate?

  • Family history - You've been meaning to write down all that stuff about your military career, your jobs, the homes you've had. There is a story there all right. But where will you write it and where will you keep it?

  • Time to start school - Where are the kids' shot records?

  • Accidents in the home - You scratched yourself with a rusty nail when removing paneling from your basement wall. When was your last tetanus shot?

  • It's time to change jobs - Where is the information about previous jobs and work experience to put in your new resume?

  • Fire in your home - Do you have collectibles or antiques that were destroyed? Can you prove what you had and their condition? What about an inventory of your possessions? What about pictures of your collectibles, antiques, and possesions for the insurance adjuster?

  • And hosts of others -
If you want the peace of mind of being organized, in control, and able to find the things that you need when you need them, then you need Hearthside Family Records®.

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