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Become an Associate of Hearthside Software, LLC -

You can become an associate of Hearthside Software, LLC with the opportunity to resell Hearthside Family Records® to friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. This gives them the chance to have software that will help them simplify their lives. You get to purchase the software at wholesale rates so that you can make some cash while you help your friends.

If your company would like to become an associate, we can build our software with your company name and logo on the CDs, the splash screen, and the About box. Purchase Hearthside Family Records® at discounted prices and sell it for retail prices. Sell it as yours and everyone benefits.

If you would like to contact us about our software, write, e-mail, or call:

Hearthside Software, LLC
400 Spring Creek Road
Providence, Utah 84332


Phone - (435) 753-1470
Fax - (435) 792-4294