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Basic Edition

Provides immediate access to financial, legal, medical, investment, employment, personal, and all other important documents, papers, and information a family needs to keep track of.

For those who have a job, insurance, savings and checking accounts, and only a few investments. Investment tracking is limited to certificates of deposit, mutual funds, and savings bonds. Real estate is limited to your own residence(s).

You can organize your records a few minutes at a time until you can find anything you need, right when you need it.

Secure and safe.     Very easy to use.     Easy to upgrade to either of the other editions.     Makes a great gift!

Below, you can purchase either a CD of the Basic Edition of Hearthside Family Records (already registered), or a registration key and serial number to convert your downloaded version (temporary) to a registered (permanent) Basic Edition.
Hearthside Family Records - Basic Edition CD

(Mailed first class)

Price: $19.95

Hearthside Family Records - Basic Edition Registration Key and Serial Number

(Sent by email)

Price: $14.95

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