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In-Depth Edition Comparison

The features of our Basic, Standard, and Investor editions are listed below.

Hearthside Features Basic Standard Investor
Family Member Information X X X
    Birth Information X X X
    Education X X X
    Marriage X X X
    Club Memberships   X X
    Military Service X X X
    Parents X X X
    Passports X X X
    Pets X X X
    PINs and Passwords X X X
    Religious Information X X X
    Residences X X X
Career Information X X X
    Employment History X X X
    Professional Organizations X X X
Financial Information X X X
    Assets X X X
        Banking X X X
            Certificates of Deposit X X X
            Checking Accounts X X X
            Money Market Accounts   X X
            Savings Accounts X X X
            Safe Deposit Boxes X X X
        Investments X X X
            Investment Strategy     X
            Annuities   X X
            Bonds     X
            Brokerage Accounts     X
            Mutual Funds X X X
            Savings Bonds X X X
            Stocks     X
            Treasury Notes     X
            Other Investments X X X
        Real Estate X X X
            Agricultural Real Estate     X
            Business Real Estate     X
            Business Inventories     X
            Homes Owned X X X
            Home Inventories X X X
            Rental Houses     X
            Undeveloped Real Estate     X
            Other Real Estate   X X
        Antiques X X X
        Collectibles X X X
        Personal Property X X X
        Retirement Accounts X X X
        Vehicles X X X
        Asset Liquidation X X X
    Insurance X X X
        Auto Insurance X X X
        Disability Insurance X X X
        Home Owners Insurance X X X
        Life Insurance X X X
        Medical Insurance X X X
        Supplemental Insurance X X X
        Umbrella Insurance     X
        Other Insurance   X X
    Legal Matters X X X
    Obligations X X X
        Credit Cards X X X
        Loans X X X
        Home Mortgages X X X
        Home Rent X X X
        They Owe You X X X
        Alimony X X X
        Child Support X X X
    Social Security X X X
    Taxes X X X
Medical Information X X X
    Doctors X X X
    Medical Log X X X
    Shot Records X X X
In Case of Loss X X X
    Asset Liquidation X X X
    Funeral X X X
    Legal Matters X X X
    Safe Deposit Box X X X
    Who Gets What X X X
Contact Information for Everyone X X X
Security X X X
    Security Information X X X
    Log In X X X
    Change Main Password X X X
    Change Read-Only Password X X X
    Change PIN/Passwords Password X X X
Advanced Reporting X X X
    Standard Reports - Printed or Saved to a File X X X
    Inventory Reports for Insurance for Theft or Disaster X X X
    Improvement Reports for Taxes or Selling Your Home X X X
Special Features X X X
    Attach Photos, Scanned Documents and Computer Files X X X
    Help Files to Guide You Along X X X
    Backup to Keep Your Records In a Safe Place X X X
    Restore to Bring Your Saved Records Back X X X