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Downloads Available For You

You can download a free demonstration version of the Basic, Standard, or Investor Editions of Hearthside Family Records® below. This unregistered version can be opened a total of twenty times for your complete evaluation. You can even begin to enter your family data. However, to be able to continue using it, you must register it as described below the download boxes.
Download the Basic Edition Hearthside Family Records®

Basic Edition Download

Download the Basic Edition

Download the Standard Edition Hearthside Family Records®

Standard Edition Download

Download the Standard Edition

Download the Investor Edition Hearthside Family Records®

Investor Edition Download

Download the Investor Edition
To register your demonstration version:

  • Go to the page for what you downloaded (Basic, Standard, Investor) and scroll down to the second box to purchase the Registration Key and Serial Number.

  • We will then send you an email containing your registration key and serial number.

  • Open your demo version one more time and when it asks you if you have the registration key, click on "Yes", and directions will follow. Make sure you select the registration option and not the upgrade option. Upgrades will not work until a demo version is registered.

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