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Hearthside Family Records? Testimonials -

1. A good little program.                               6. California wildfires.                                  11. Easy to use.

2. Young Army wife.                                    7. Insurance company.

3. Company support.                                    8. Law enforcement.

4. He almost died.                                         9. Identity theft.

5. Katrina relative.                                         10. Collector.

1. A good little program.

I have used the program so far to enter in all of our information, for myself and my husband, and have printed out the pages and placed them in a notebook for our grown children to have if anything happens to us. Not only have I entered historical info on each of us, I also put in all the info they would need to take care of our business if need be. That way, they don't have to search all through files to find phone numbers, company names, etc. The fact that it is simple to use is a great benefit too and I think that most anyone with a little bit of computer knowledge would be able to use it easily. It is just a good little program that has been very beneficial to us.

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2. Young Army wife.

My husband is in the Army and is being deployed. We saw this software and decided to try it. I am so glad we did. It was easy to use and gave us all the help we needed to get me organized for while he is gone. I feel so much better about being on my own because I know where all of our papers are and I know what our financial status is. I recommend this program to everyone.

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3. Company support.

I am 72 years old and wanting to get my affairs organized. I found this program on the internet and decided to try it. I had some troubles with my computer and contacted their support people. They patiently worked me through my problems across several emails and phone calls. I really appreciate a company that stands behind their product and will help people no matter what. I am well on my way to getting organized like I want to. This is a good program and a good company.

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4. He almost died.

My husband and I bought the software and were enthusiastic about using it. We were a little slow getting started and then suddenly he almost died. I had to face the reality that I knew nothing of our financial status or where our records were kept. But I got a second chance. As soon as he was out of danger, I told him to get started entering that data. We are working on it steadily now, just a few minutes a day is all it takes, and I am gaining peace of mind. Thank you for your program!

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5. Katrina relative.

My relatives lived in New Orleans when Katrina struck. They lost all of their records, deeds, birth certificates, insurance papers - everything! If they had your program, they would have been able to recover from the disaster so much more quickly. You need to sell this program to the people in the south where the hurricanes hit.

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6. California Wildfires.

I had to evacuate from my home during the California wildfires. I was one of the lucky ones in that my home did not burn. Some of my friends lost their homes, but they thought their records were safe because they kept them in a safe in the house. When they opened the safe after the fire, all of their records were ashes because the safe wasn't fireproof and spontaneous combustion destroyed their records. If they had used your program, they could still have their records. I'm entering my data now before the next wildfire hits.

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7. Insurance company.

Most insurance claims after a fire or disaster are discounted because of lack of inventories and of proof of condition. Anyone using this software should be able to easily provide all the information and photos necessary to get 100% recovery on their insurance claims. - Representative of a major insurance company.

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8. Law enforcement

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says that one of the most important tools for law enforcement to use in the case of a missing child is an up-to-date, good-quality photograph. They say that the photograph should be digital and available on a compact disk instead of just a hard copy. You should also have an accurate narrative description including such things as name, nickname, height, weight, sex, age, eye color, identifying marks, glasses, and braces. The photo should be updated every six months for children under seven years of age, and then once a year.

This software gives parents the means to easily keep this information up to date and make it available quickly in case of need. - Law Enforcement Officer

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9. Identity theft

I finally have a secure place to keep all of my credit card information and all of my PINs and passwords. If somebody goes after my identity, I'll know exactly who to contact and how. It's a load off my mind.

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10. Collector

My sister has a collection of the Precious Moments figurines that is probably worth thousands of dollars. I'm giving her this program for her birthday this year so she can finally keep track of her collection. She is not real computer literate and has been struggling with spreadsheets and such. With this program, she can store all the information about each little figurine including name, description, value, appraisal, and as many digital photos as she wants. She's going to love this birthday present.

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11. Easy to use.

I saw a demonstration of Hearthside Family Records. They said it was easy to use. I asked if I could take a CD home to let my mother try it out. She has to ask how to turn the computer on. I told them if she could run it, I would buy it. She could and I did.

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